I’m in love… with a book

funky-green-heartJust occasionally a book comes along that feels like it was written for you. They say there’s one out there for everyone, and for me, that book is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

I’m late catching on, I know. We nearly didn’t get it together. The cover put me off for a start (do publishers still think that a woman won’t pick up a book unless it has a hint of pink?) but after reading the first page I had to keep reading. Even sitting on a packed plane, with tears streaming down my face and the air hostesses giving me nervous looks, I wasn’t putting it down.

It’s not just the story, even though it’s a great story, it’s the whole package. The book spoke to me. Put the phone down – I mean metaphorically. There was something about the style and language that didn’t just capture my imagination, it transformed it. It not only reminded me why I loved reading so much, from a writer’s perspective, it was a wake-up call to my sleepy writer’s mind.

Am I suggesting that everyone should rush out and read Me Before You? (Yes!) No, because it’s a different book for everyone and that’s what is so exciting about reading.

Me Before You has now officially moved in. When I see it on my shelf I give it a little wave and we share a secret smile. I know it feels the same way.

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